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XMS inside out – now it’s even easier to create and adapt machine cabins

Thanks to the revolutionary principle behind XMS inside out, it’s perfectly possible to decide about the routing of a cable in a machine cabin or where exactly a switch needs to be after the planning phase. 

With Profiles X 8 M45 – XMS and other relevant components from Line XMS, it’s even easier to plan, create and adapt machine cabins with integrated control elements using the “inside out” principle. Since an integrated cable conduit is accessible from the outside, the cabling doesn’t have to be taken into account ahead of the design planning, as would otherwise be the case. This makes process design incredibly flexible. Design engineers can therefore initially focus entirely on the mechanical construction. Thanks to the external cable conduits, cabling can be directly inspected and adapted even once assembly is complete. The cabling can also be quickly extended over several levels. Whereas cables normally have to be routed out of the conduit into the process section at profile connections, special fasteners in this case enable completely integrated cable routing through all profiles and connection points. Another key advantage of XMS inside out is that it is very easy to install operating elements using the M45 bracket and drilling groove in the Cover Profile. They can also be adjusted at any time.

How robotics applications benefit from XMS inside out

It is not only in machine enclosures that the inside out principle can show its full potential – there’s also plenty of scope when it comes to base structures for seamlessly integrating cobots in industry. The very fact that the cabling can be accessed so readily and also modified later on, not to mention how easily operating elements can be integrated, means that changes can be retrofitted to the relevant robotics applications at any time. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to cobots, which are characterised by their outstanding flexibility. The field of robotics also brings all the other benefits of Line XMS to the fore, including the Groove Plate with precise groove spacing, which can be used to fasten mounting plates specifically designed for attaching cobots. This also opens up options for customised assembly, clamping and testing structures, for example for adding various cobot grippers.

Discover all the benefits of Line XMS in our video  

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