Defining and demonstrating strengths for success in mechanical engineering

30 October 2019 | Premium

Today’s digital marketing methods offer mechanical engineering companies a whole host of options for targeting customers. In this context, many well-known companies focus on one single question – “Why?” Especially in technically complex mechanical engineering, many SMEs find it relatively easy to communicate to potential customers what their strengths are and how they ensure successful project implementation. “What?” and “How?” normally remain very data/process-specific questions, which means they are interchangeable in a fiercely competitive market. Mechanical engineers primarily assert their individuality with the question of “Why?” Why do we, as a mechanical engineering company, do what we do on a daily basis for our customers? This refers not so much to purely commercial success, but rather to credibly emphasising the very essence that you feel makes your company stand out. Ideally, you succeed in capturing this in a few concise concepts or, better still, in a guiding principle. ...

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