Business downtime in the production industry (2017)

It has been shown that musculoskeletal conditions are a significant cause of sick days. Source: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAuA)

Average number of sick days

After the all-time low in 2006, the number of absentee cases is increasing significantly again. Source: iwd

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Ergonomics pays

The importance of ergonomics at industrial work benches has grown significantly over the last few years. This is not least as a result of recent research data and general medical advances. Ergonomic work benches are also worthwhile from an economic perspective. Ergonomics has a direct, positive influence on maintaining the health, motivation and performance capabilities of staff. It goes without saying that the significance of this issue is measured in more than simply economic terms. General appreciation of the workforce and a standing as a responsible employer have taken on much greater priority over the last few years. It is in this way that ergonomic work benches combine human and economic considerations. The cost-effectiveness of company healthcare It has been shown that company healthcare is perfectly suited to reducing the costs associated with employees who are sick. Nevertheless, preventive healthcare measures are still a neglected topic in many companies. The figures fro ...

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