External requirements for companies

Which digital processes are market conditions or customers already demanding?

The distribution channels compared

Which distribution channels for mechanical engineering components will become most important in the next five years?

The evolution of mechanical engineering

How likely is it that the following topics will become more important?

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How digitalisation is changing mechanical engineering


The item future trends study offers valuable insights into the future of mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is currently evolving like never before – and it’s all down to digitalisation. However, there are many unanswered questions that can often cause a degree of uncertainty: Which areas does digitalisation specifically involve? What exactly is changing? And where? What does this mean for the engineering sector? When it comes to answering justified questions such as these, theory can only take you so far. To fully grasp these concepts, it helps to gain some practical insight, which is why item conducted its study titled “What will mechanical engineering look like in the future?”. Although we consulted specialist articles, presentations and studies when preparing this publication, this study focuses on numerous expert interviews and the insights gleaned from them. We’ve compiled selected excerpts for you in this blog post. You can also move through the fact gallery above ...

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