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Sneeze guards and more – customised solutions to protect against infection

item offers a range of sneeze guard and disinfection solutions to help you achieve effective protection from infection – all delivered preassembled and ready for use.

The coronavirus pandemic is testing the limits of the global economy and health systems around the world – but it is also a challenge for each one of us. Huge numbers of retailers and gastronomy businesses have had to close temporarily. Anyone who can still work is best doing so from home. However, this is not always possible. Pharmacies, supermarkets, doctors’ surgeries, manufacturing plants and many other companies need their employees on site. Comprehensive protection against infection is absolutely essential for these staff members and their customers. In this, the top priority is complying with hygiene and precautionary measures such as thorough handwashing and social distancing.

Unfortunately, there are sometimes obstacles to implementing both of these. The closest wash-hand basin is often a long way away, and in many situations there is no option but to get close to someone else – at supermarket tills, for example. Even so, there are special aids that can provide protection against infection, and thus the necessary level of safety, in such cases. For instance, transparent protective screens prevent direct droplet infection from coughs and sneezes, while disinfectants provide the recommended alternative to handwashing. We have developed a range of solutions for these scenarios based on tried-and-tested item products, and these are now available with the high level of quality and speed of delivery you are used to from us. Custom designs are available on request.

Solutions for protection against droplets and infection – including in custom dimensions

Various designs for disinfectant stands and protective screens – discover the solutions item has to offer for greater hygiene and safety. Custom designs also available.

Thanks to item‘s sneeze guards, the employees and customers of the Hilden branch of Hans Brandenburg GmbH are safely protected.

Droplet protection thanks to countertop and full-height guards

Social distancing is one of the most effective ways of protecting against infection because it makes the direct interpersonal transmission of pathogens much less likely. When it’s not practical to maintain a distance – for example when paying or handing over goods – transparent partitions can be used to prevent droplets passing on the infection. Communication is not affected by this in any way. To meet the various requirements on site, item offers these partitions with transparent plastic screens made from special PET in a range of designs. For example, the 75-centimetre-wide, one-metre-high Countertop Guard (small) is ideal for placing on the counters of kiosks and supermarkets – or indeed anywhere where there is a need for a sneeze guard and infection protection, but there isn’t much space.

Uncomplicated and super fast – the countertop guards were produced and in use at our company within 24 hours. This enables us to provide optimum protection for our employees and customers. Many thanks to the item team!

– Ina Niebel, Hans Brandenburg GmbH

If a larger area needs to be covered, the Countertop Guard (large) offers a wider option. It is also one metre tall, but is 150 cm wide, meaning it covers even larger counters such as those in pharmacies, hotels or doctors’ surgeries. The Full-Height Guard with Shelf is ideal for preventing infection in areas where customer contact takes place while standing, such as when accepting a job at a car workshop. Goods, documents and the like can be placed on the integrated shelf and then picked up by the other person. This reduces the risk of direct hand contact and thus also the associated likelihood of pathogen transmission. A sanitizer stand is the perfect addition to any of the protective screens. This could be the large version with an information board (Sanitizer Stand [large] with D30 Accessories) or the small version (Sanitizer Stand [small]) with a baseplate.

3D models of some of the item solutions for infection and sneeze protection: Countertop Guard (small), Full-Height Guard with Shelf, Countertop Guard (large) and the large and small versions of the Sanitizer Stand (left to right).

Infection and sneeze protection for the till and counter areas in supermarkets

It is also possible to implement solutions for specific scenarios. For example, in addition to the Countertop Guards and Full-Height Guards mentioned above, this page also provides an overview of special solutions for use on supermarket tills and bakery, meat and cheese counters. One particular detail is the “goods slide” on the partitions for counters, which prevents the need for direct hand contact. Moreover, they have a modular design, meaning several partitions can be connected together to cover even longer counters. It goes without saying that all designs can be customised before ordering and thus optimised to a specific location. Indeed, precise measurements are particularly important when it comes to sneeze protection at supermarket tills.

Prefer to create your own design? No problem!

The item Engineeringtool is a straightforward way for engineers to create their own customised solution for infection protection and then order it in the Online Shop – all without any additional tools, directly in their browser.

Since all the solutions described here are designed to provide reliability and a long service life, we don’t use standard acrylic glass. Instead, we utilise transparent plastic screens made from special PET. Unlike conventional acrylic glass, these can be cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectant without any undesired side effects. While acrylic glass becomes cloudy when it comes into contact with alcohol-based cleaning agents, this PET remains clear and stable – a vital advantage for infection protection. In addition, the plastic screens item uses are impact resistant and suitable for outdoor use. You can find out more about infection and sneeze protection solutions from item on the relevant overview page or directly in our Online Shop.

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