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Golden October – the item New Products for autumn 2020

The highlights of this year’s autumn New Products from various product groups are all based on an ideal combination of flexibility and precision. In addition, they can be both integrated into our existing building kit systems as usual and perfectly combined in practical applications.

When large, sturdy working surfaces or complete walls with end-to-end grooves are required, Groove Plate X 8 40, light is ideal. Thanks to the innovative adhesive process, the spacing between the grooves is always exactly 40 mm and the highest level of stability is ensured. Workpieces can be flexibly and easily fixed into the grooves of the working surface, where it is possible to position jigs, machinery and tools in a few simple steps. As a result of the precision spacing, a cobot for human-robot collaboration can also be attached. Furthermore, outstanding repeatability is assured for potential disassembly and reassembly. Groove Plate X 8 40, light can be used as a basis for almost unlimited stable surfaces with numerous grooves – a combination of precision and versatility that opens up a new form of working.

All the New Products at a glance

Systematic innovation: You can find more new product developments and additional information in our comprehensive New Products catalogue for autumn 2020.

A Linear Unit that truly stands out

Linear Unit KGT 6 60 takes things to a new level, with a ball screw drive, a stroke of up to 2600 mm and a strong carriage – all within the smallest of installation spaces. In applications with a long travel distance, travelling spindle supports to keep everything running smoothly and precisely without compromising on dynamics. Exhibiting a repeatability of 0.01 mm, it is a high-precision solution that can be used in automated production and inspection processes with the toughest requirements. With its mounting dimension of 60×60 mm, it is also exceptionally compact and versatile, and can be used in single or multi-axis handling systems. Once again, everything fits together perfectly – Groove Plate X 8 40, light, can be used as the support structure for numerous application variants in production processes, for example ones that are centered around Linear Unit KGT 6 60.

The item MotionKit Linear Unit KGT 6 60 P20 is available in three set stroke lengths (600, 1400 and 2600 mm) for an attractive package price.

item MotionKit KGT 6 60 is particularly practical. This is an all-in-one package consisting of Linear Unit, Motor, Drive Set, Controller and Cables. If you are looking for a powerful Linear Unit with high-precision positioning and repeatability, this all-in-one package is the perfect solution. Since item MotionKit KGT 6 60 is ready to go immediately and simplifies calculations with three standard lengths, it makes projects easier to plan. All the advantages of the item Linear System also apply to KGT 6 60 P20.

item MotionKit KGT 6 60 offers all components in one turnkey package and Linear Unit KGT 6 60 in three possible standard lengths.

Flexibility + precision × 3 stands for the item highlights in autumn 2020

The externally accessible cable conduits of the new Profile X 8 M45 XMS and their “inside out” principle are sure to kick-start a revolution in the construction of machine cabins with integrated control elements. The special cable conduits open to the outside, enabling a simpler approach to laying the cables for operating and control elements that are used outside the cabin. Now it’s easier than ever before to plan machine cabins “inside out”, as it were. As a result, it is enough to decide where the cables will be routed, for example, or where exactly a switch is required after the actual process has been planned. Again, this flexibility does not come at the cost of precision. Particularly suitable for inspection processes is a basic structure consisting of our three autumn highlights – a Linear Unit KGT 6 60 attached to a working surface consisting of Groove Plates X8 inside a machine cabin made from Profiles X 8 M45 XMS. And so we come full circle.

The combination of Groove Plates X8, Profiles X 8 M45 XMS and Linear Unit KGT 6 60 provides both flexibility and precision.

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