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Online product guides from item – rapid assistance at your work bench

With the product guides in the item Academy, users receive precisely the knowledge they need where they are working. 

Products in mechanical engineering and factory equipment engineering usually need explanations. What’s more, there are often certain tips and tricks you wouldn’t necessarily discover through mere trial and error. Traditionally, knowledge about assembly, commissioning and maintenance is provided through printed manuals or training courses. While both these formats are tried-and-tested, when you are sitting at a work bench, what you really need is support that meets the challenge you are facing at that moment. On the whole, training courses serve to provide a general introduction and can therefore only cover a limited amount of detail. What’s more, the further back the course lies in the past, the vaguer the recollection of the content. Product guides are detailed, but texts and illustrations can never demonstrate a procedure such as assembling a product as well as a video. Would it therefore not be a practical idea to have an option for viewing specific instructions with video clips directly where the assembly work is being carried out? This is precisely what the product guides in the item Academy offer. In addition, they can be used directly, as no item user account is required for access. Other training formats in the item Academy, on the other hand, are exclusive to registered users.

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Use visual product guides directly at the point of assembly

All product guides in the item Academy have been optimised for playing on mobile end devices. Workers can therefore view them easily on a tablet or smartphone without leaving their work bench. However, most users bring up the item Academy on their PC. How is it possible to switch particularly quickly and conveniently from a PC to a mobile end device? It’s quite simple – at the start of each product guide, there is a QR code. All you have to do is scan this code on a tablet or smartphone to be taken directly to the product guide on that device. The mobile end device is now ready for use at the work bench with the product guide on screen. Of course, product guides can also be used on PCs. The key advantage of playing them on mobile devices is that it’s possible to carry out the steps demonstrated in the video yourself and compare what you are doing to what is shown there.


Simply use your mobile end device to scan the QR code on your PC monitor and that will bring up a product guide you can use at your work bench.


First, a product guide will provide an overview of all the steps ahead, each with a sample illustration. Next comes the tool check, which shows all the tools required at a glance. Then you can get started – in most cases with the assembly of the product. While video sequences demonstrate how to complete the task, texts provide additional information and details. Moving images and text complement each other perfectly. The text provides the theoretical background, while the video graphically demonstrates each step. However, if something is still unclear, it is possible to watch the video as often as required. This is another aspect that highlights the real advantage over a training course. Users receive the information they need the very moment they need it at the work bench itself – and they can access it wherever and whenever they like. Knowledge does not have to be learned and retained, but instead can be called up any time.


The product guide for Drawer S1 H70 demonstrates clearly and precisely how it is to be assembled.


Assembly, maintenance and commissioning explained more clearly than ever before

In addition to installation guides for product ranges such as “Basic elements of the Lean Production Building Kit System”, the item Academy also includes assembly guides for individual products, such as the Angle Bracket Set from the MB Building Kit System or Drawer S1 H70 from the item Work Bench System. There are various Assembly Sets for fastening the Drawer to the different work benches. The product guides in the Academy take users through the assembly process step by step – in a faster, more targeted way than would be possible with printed instructions. The product guides also make the maintenance and commissioning of Linear Units and the commissioning and operation of work benches more precise and efficient. Users are gradually guided through the necessary steps, benefiting from both the details in the videos and the precise information in the texts.


The product guides in the item Academy also concisely explain maintenance work.


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