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Tidying up the workshop – bringing order with a system

“Tidy house, tidy mind” – this saying applies just as much to workshops as it does to the home, if not more.

Hunting for the correct tool in the workshop can be a time-consuming annoyance. While it may only take up a few minutes each day, over the course of a year, this can add up to whole days – weeks, even – that eat into workers’ productivity. In addition to weeding out outdated or irrelevant tools, it is therefore also essential to tidy up thoroughly and organise working materials systematically. Regular cleaning therefore lays the foundations for smooth workshop operations.

Keeping the workshop tidy with tool trolleys and tool boxes

Particularly in large workshops, it is vital to store heavy tools so they can be easily found and quickly transported. Special tool trolleys, for example, are perfect for this. These are movable tool benches with drawers and shelves that have a dual function. Firstly, when you know a tool will be needed soon, you can leave it on a shelf, where it is easily to hand. Secondly, the shelves can be used as a working surface. However, the disadvantage to tool trolleys is that they tend to be a bit heavy, and are therefore only really suitable for moving tools around on one and the same floor of a building. With its low dead weight and customised adjustability, the lightweight, height-adjustable SystemMobil S41T transport trolley is different. There is no longer any need to hunt around in drawers, meaning everything is quickly to hand.

Storing power tools – safely and neatly organised

When power tools are lying around a workshop, it not only looks untidy, they really need to be stored in a dry environment to prevent long-term technical damage. It is also advisable to store tools and accessories together, as this saves additional time, and they will be used at the same time, anyway. A Word template, for example, can be used to create printed labels for all the drawers. Even better, these labels can also display an image of the relevant tool. Since these are easier to identify and language-neutral, the tools can be found even faster, and missing tools are noticed immediately.

Use a new style of pegboard to organise the workshop

The tool wall or pegboard offers another way of organising your workshop better. These are based on a simple principle. It is easy to fasten Tool Holders and hooks to these walls, which in turn provides a platform for mounting tools of all types, such as screwdrivers and spanners. The item toolpanel® System is even better. As a specialist in ergonomic work bench design, item is always working to improve its own Work Bench System – and a flexible system for organising tools is a vital part of this. A customised solution based on the item toolpanel® System makes the best possible use of the space available. This is not only relevant for industrial settings, but also for workshops aiming to boost the efficiency of their employees through optimised organisation and greater ergonomics.

Its cutting-edge, clean design won the item toolpanel® System the Red Dot Award 2018 and also makes it much easier to find what you are looking for. The modular building kit system makes it easy to add more elements such as monitors, documents, multi-socket strips and holders for special tools. Scalability, the ability to install and rearrange holders and tools fast, and the wide-ranging portfolio all make the system stand out from conventional pegboards. Systematic organisation and labelling with the item toolpanel ® System also makes life that little bit easier for staff – less searching means less stress. What’s more, the system can also be used as part of a tool trolley, a wall-mounted panel or a free-standing tool wall. Finally, chaos in the workshop and hunting for the correct tool are things of the past. It really is that easy: a quick look – grab it – get started!

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