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From tomato roofs to smoking rooms – Getting creative with item

In the past, we have often reported on the unusual constructions that can be achieved using our profiles.

These include a juice bar on wheels, real competition for legendary oracle Paul the Octopus or the complete fittings for a chic fashion boutique. In this section we have a few more ideas. Alongside two original hobby applications from Germany and Switzerland, there is also a present for our partners at item North America to mark 20 years of the company.

Perfect roofing for tomatoes

Protective roofing can make all the difference for plants. Hobby gardeners know that it takes more than green fingers to protect their plants from inclement weather such as hail or heavy rain. One of our colleagues grows tomatoes in his spare time, and relies on a tomato roof to help him. He has previously used versions made of wood and Multi-wall Sheet panels.

There was, however, one big problem – this rather rigid construction was not easy to take apart in the autumn, so took up a lot of space while being stored for the winter. Thanks to our Profile Tube System D30, our colleague’s new tomato roof is as flexible as it is stable. Two Multi-wall Sheet panels 8 mm, which are usually used as partitions or flooring beneath a roller conveyor, form the actual roof and provide perfect protection for the tomatoes.

Whatever the weather

It’s a well-known fact that smoking is bad for the health. However, it is up to each individual to decide what is best for their health, as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else. This is particularly true at home. We have received pictures of a smoking room from Switzerland. The Swiss call it a “fumoir” (from the French “fumer” – to smoke), which really sounds much more elegant.

Since the Swiss DIY enthusiast has a house with no balcony, he simply built his own shelter against bad weather. This means he can indulge his vice at home whatever the weather, without polluting the indoor air. The construction is based on our Profiles 8, securely connected using Automatic-Fastening Set 8. The panels are attached on all sides and secured precisely with several Panel-Clamping Strips 8. And the Door Stop Seals 8have shown they not only protect housings for production processes, but are also ideal for small smoking areas.

Rallies in the lunch hour

There’s always time for a bit of fun – a positive approach is key for a friendly and productive working environment. And what could be better for team-building than a bit of sport in the lunch hour? This is certainly what our American colleagues thought! Based a tried-and-tested construction from the staff at item West, we got together with item Mid Atlantic in Solingen to build a table-tennis table. This is to be a joint present to mark the 20th anniversary of item North America. This enables the Line X clean room profiles to show off their additional “fun factor” qualities.

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