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Configure ESD benches online with exceptional ease

Specially designed ESD benches are an absolute must for ensuring the trouble-free assembly of electronic components. 

Failing to consider the issue of ESD can quickly lead to an uncontrolled electrostatic discharge that wipes information off a magnetic data storage device or destroys an electronic component. All it takes is a charge of just 100 volts for such mishaps to occur. Humans can only sense an ESD pulse once it reaches around 3,000 volts, yet the friction and movement at a bench alone can generate charges of up to 6,000 volts. Whether it’s in the form of a smaller electrostatic protected area (EPA) limited to one bench or as part of a larger EPA covering an entire facility – an ESD work bench is systematically designed to dissipate any charges in a controlled manner and thus keep both products and people safe. When it comes to configuring an ESD bench, there are a number of aspects to think about – from a volume-conductive ESD table top and a conductive table frame all the way to ESD-safe storage surfaces and matching additional components, such as Hooks, Holders and Parts Containers. In particular, moving bench components should not be overlooked, since they too accumulate charges due to friction. An ESD bench’s intended purpose is a decisive factor in the design process. This was once a time-consuming task… but not any more.

The new Work Bench Configurator is revolutionising the planning process for industrial assembly workstations in general and ESD benches in particular. Thanks to its 3D view, intuitive drag-and-drop controls, a whole range of intelligent functions and automatically generated project documentation, it has never been so quick and simple to design customised work benches. The tool also focuses intently on ESD safety. One key benefit for users in this regard is the option to define and visualise their very own EPA.

Configure industrial work benches online

Discover what the new Work Bench Configurator with its 3D view and smart functions can do – especially for ESD safety. Put together your very own manual production work bench without leaving your browser.

Revolutionary online tool (not just) for ESD benches

All that’s needed to use this tool is an end device with internet access and a standard browser. In the 3D view, users can zoom in and out steplessly, move around freely, and take advantage of intuitive drag-and-drop controls to put together their very own (ESD-safe) work bench. Numerous intelligent functions and built-in rules guide them straight to the solution required. A wide selection of pre-configured models – including an ESD bench kitted out with power sockets, storage surfaces and tool stowage – make it even easier to get started. Comprehensive documentation is automatically generated and can be easily shared with colleagues thanks to a globally unique project number, clickable QR code and dedicated URL.

Setting up ESD work benches has never been so quick and easy

The Work Bench Configurator’s focus on ESD safety becomes clear as soon as you have chosen a table configuration. At this stage, users are asked whether or not their configuration needs to be electrostatically dissipative to DIN EN 61340-5-1. If they opt for an electrostatically dissipative design, the configuration is automatically given an ESD work bench with a matching ESD table top and ESD Central Connection 8. If, however, they decide at this point that their solution doesn’t need to be electrostatically dissipative, they can still change their mind later on with just one click. A single click of the mouse and a conventional work bench instantly transforms into an ESD-safe bench – and vice versa. Users are efficiently guided through the process while retaining full flexibility. Delivering a positive customer experience was a top priority for the developers behind this solution.

Visualising the EPA in the Work Bench Configurator satisfies a pressing customer need. No other online tool is currently able to do this.

– Christian Thiel, product manager and online tools expert at item

Anyone looking to configure an ESD work bench can find special functions in the item Work Bench Configurator that no other online tool currently offers. The EPA, for example, can be defined by directly typing in a figure for the height (top and bottom). Alternatively, it can be instantly defined for the whole bench with a single click. Thanks to the 3D visualisation of the entire ESD bench, including the customised EPA, users get an incredibly vivid idea of what their designed solution will look like. As soon as a non-dissipative component is placed within the EPA, a yellow warning pops up.

Products that are not ESD-safe can be used within the EPA, too. Users are notified of this when leaving the “work bench equipment” step. It is then up to them to decide whether these components are to be moved or tolerated. There is also an option to have the construction delivered without these components fitted. In this case, they are simply packaged up and included in the delivery and can be attached to the work bench if required. The comprehensive documentation also points out whether non-dissipative products feature in the design. At the production stage, the ESD documentation is used to create an ESD measurement log for each work bench, which ensures it is dissipative in line with DIN EN 613-40-5-1. All in all, the configurator’s ESD functions make the planning and coordination processes involved unbelievably quick and easy.

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