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Novità item 2023-I: unità lineare KLE 5 40x40 LR, nastri trasportatori antistatici, striscie a LED RGB 24V, profilato di bloccaggio 8 32x18 per porte scorrevoli

Modular, practical, flexible – the latest highlights from item

Whether it’s squeezing linear technology into tight spaces, safely transporting ESD-sensitive parts, integrating a flexible indicator light system or building space-saving sliding doors – a whole host of new item innovations await you for spring 2023. 

As usual, our modular approach is playing to its strengths. The world of item is constantly growing and, thanks to its end-to-end compatibility, you can easily combine new products with pre-existing components and solutions. These highlights from the latest round of innovations are the perfect examples of just that. For instance, you can now build flexible and ESD-safe conveyor belts thanks to the perfect interplay between the new Flat Conveyor Belt PUR ESD, accumulating and the tried-and-tested Timing Belt T5 PA, accumulating. There are new products for doors and hatches, too. Slender Clamp Profile 8 32×18 is the ideal basis for building functional and lightweight sliding doors. The item Linear System is also growing, with the addition of the exceptionally compact Linear Unit KLE 5 40×40 LR. What’s more, new LED Strip RGB 24V gives you complete flexibility when it comes to sending out signals on safety devices and machines. Your ideas are worth it!

All the new products at a glance

Every innovation in one e-paper! Discover all the new product developments – plus interactive graphics packed with additional information – in the New Products catalogue for spring 2023.

Powerful performance from an ultra-compact linear unit

This is how to bring motion to the tightest of spaces. Linear Unit KLE 5 40×40 LR with its roller guide and dynamic timing-belt drive fits into the installation space of a Profile 40×40 and is designed for payloads of up to 250 N. It is a linear unit that combines an exceptionally compact design with the characteristic benefits of item Linear Units KLE. The roller elements run inside the profile and are concealed by the timing belt. Except for the carriage, no moving parts can be touched. This helps to reduce soiling on the guides and roller elements and also raises health and safety standards for your staff.

Additional technical features are making it possible to squeeze impressive performance into compact dimensions. For instance, the low-vibration profile offers space for four roller elements and two guiding shafts.

When commissioning the new linear unit, you can benefit from two innovations at once. Firstly, when fitting the carriage, simply loosening stop screws will automatically position two pre-tensioned roller elements play-free on the two shafts in the profile. Secondly, to adjust timing belt tension, all you need to do is set two spring-loaded screws on the reverse unit, so they are flush with the casing surface. Additional technical features are making it possible to squeeze impressive performance into compact dimensions. For instance, the low-vibration profile offers space for four roller elements and two guiding shafts. Thanks to the eccentric bolts that are pretensioned by springs, only three screws need to be loosened when installing the carriage. This ensures that the four D6 roller elements are automatically positioned free from play.

Exceptional performance in an installation space just 40 mm wide – that is the key feature of Linear Unit KLE 5 40×40 LR.

Modular and ESD-safe conveyor belts

Besides adding to the item Linear System, the latest new products are also expanding the item Conveyor Belt System. ESD-safe flat conveyor belts and timing belts are now available, which means you can provide sensitive components with optimum protection to IEC/DIN EN 61340-5-1 as you move them from A to B. Static charges are safely dissipated. This is where the new Flat Conveyor Belt PUR ESD, accumulating and the established Timing Belt T5 PA, accumulating come into use. Neither product accumulates a charge, even when subjected to friction. ESD-safe Timing Belt Guide Strips and the stainless steel glide plate fitted underneath the flat conveyor belts safely route any charge to the earthing system of the motor. You can also choose the ideal accessories from the comprehensive range of additional components for ESD safety, including an earth connection. Flat Conveyor Belts PUR ESD are available in eight different widths from 40 to 400 mm. ESD-safe Timing Belt T5 comes in widths of 40 and 80 mm. Both can be used to build double timing belt conveyors and double flat belt conveyors.

ESD-safe conveyor belts – turnkey solutions or individual components
The ESD-safe conveyor belts are available as turnkey solutions and as separate individual components.

Bright and energy-efficient LED signalling with item

Humans process visuals about 60,000 times faster than text. Given how crucial health and safety is in industry, visual signals are particularly important across the entire sector, and signalling lights are a firm favourite in the repertoire of most companies. Bright and yet energy-efficient LED Strip RGB 24V and its associated accessories enable you to put in place flexible signalling solutions in next to no time. You can control the basic colours individually or in unison via a four-pole connection cable to make sure you can signal the relevant operating status.

LED Casing Profile provides a secure fixing for the LED strip and protects it from soiling and damage at the same time.

Translucent LED Casing Profile is used to integrate signalling directly into constructions made of aluminium profiles. This protective sheathing provides a secure fixing for the LED strip and keeps it safe from soiling and damage at the same time. It is easily fastened to a Line 8 groove. The durable LED strip measures just 3 mm in height and comes in lengths of 1000 or 2000 mm. It can be cut to size at intervals of 100 mm. The 24-volt technology of the LED strip means it is perfectly suited for connecting up to a controller. A-coded M12 connectors are available for this purpose.

LED Casing Profile – flexible integration
Thanks to LED Casing Profile, the LED strips can be easily integrated into a huge range of scenarios.

Optimum solution for custom sliding doors

Clamp Profile 8 32×18 offers the ideal solution for building doors that are both lightweight and stable. Its slim cross-section, combined with a simple method for fastening panel elements, makes it perfect for building custom sliding doors. Sliding-Door Guide Profile 8 40×10 allows you to move two door segments along one Line 8 groove in parallel. Corner-Fastening Set Clamp-Profile 8 32×18 makes it exceptionally easy to join together Clamp Profiles 8 32×18 to create a stable frame. The fastener leaves the groove free to accommodate panel elements, while ensuring it is perfectly positioned to hold in place rollers and T-Slot Sliders.

It’s never been so easy to construct a sliding door!

A frame made using these clamp profiles is finally transformed into a smooth-running sliding door when combined with compact Roller for Corner-Fastening Set 32×18, which clips into the corner-fastening set for clamp profiles. It’s never been so easy to construct a sliding door! You can opt for between two and four door segments to suit your application, depending on whether you need a particularly large working opening or a flexible solution. You can also create door segments that close in the centre and run on the same guide. The extensive range of panel elements available from item includes solid panel elements for door infills.

Sliding doors, very slender door segments, easy integration into profile frames – for added flexibility
Exceptionally slender door segments and easy integration into profile frames provide added flexibility.

Discover further new products for spring in our catalogue

The secret to success lies in a modular approach. This spring’s new products from item will help you tackle the very specific challenges you face. “New items 2023”, the latest catalogue containing all the spring product releases, is available as an e-paper in the item Download Center.

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