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May makes everything flexible – the spring 2022 new products from item

Whether for solving transport tasks or creating mobile table frames with a height-adjustment system that doesn’t need a power source, the item new products for spring 2022 are once again putting flexibility front and centre. 

For example, the item Linear System has been expanded to include Linear Unit GSF 6 60 TR 12×3. The item Conveyor Belt System opens up a whole new product segment that brings all the advantages of the item Building Kit System to conveyor belt solutions for the first time. Other spring highlights include Table Column Sets K for lightweight table frames with purely mechanical height adjustment and new practical functions in the item Engineeringtool.

All the new products at a glance

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Keeping moving with item

item Linear Unit GSF 6 60 TR 12×3 offers a combination of low-friction sliding guidance and a spindle drive that features a self-locking trapezoidal thread. Thanks to integrated spindle supports, the full stroke length of up to 2800 mm can also be utilised at maximum travel speed and in continuous operation. Its duty cycle of 1000 km makes this turnkey low-maintenance system a particularly cost-effective solution for lifting tasks. A cover plate protects the interior of the aluminium support profile from dirt. As with all item products, compatibility is a top priority here, too. For example, Linear Unit GSF 6 60 TR 12×3 is compatible with accessories for Linear Unit KGT 6 60 and its Line 6 grooves ensure compatibility with the item Building Kit System. The free item MotionDesigner® online tool is available to help with the design process.

The fact that the item Conveyor Belt System is modular and designed with durability in mind minimises the maintenance outlay and maximises productivity.

The new Conveyor Belt System, which has already been covered in a dedicated blog post, also gets things moving and injects a little speed. It offers all the benefits of the item Building Kit System and forms the perfect basis for customised conveyor belts, either freestanding or integrated into other systems. As a result of the modular design, the solutions in the Conveyor Belt System are compatible with over 4000 item components. This modularity and the fact it is designed with durability in mind minimise the maintenance outlay and maximise productivity. The tensioning mechanism integrated into the groove, a self-aligning ball bearing and an elastomer coupling for evening out misalignments also help in this regard. The Conveyor Belt System comprises four solutions – Flat Belt Conveyor 8 40 D, Timing Belt Conveyor 8 40 D (each with a continuous belt), along with Double Flat Belt Conveyor 8 40 D and Double Timing Belt Conveyor 8 40 D, which have parallel belts. The configuration tool makes it easy to plan a customised conveyor line. It is then delivered ready to install.

The impressive duty cycle of Linear Unit GSF 6 60 TR 12×3 makes it perfect for lifting operations (left). Transport solutions for efficient goods flows with or without accumulation can be created using the Conveyor Belt System (right).

Ergonomic height adjustment is possible even without electricity

The four table columns of Table Column Sets K can be extended synchronously by up to 300 mm using a crank. The flexible, purely mechanical height adjustment system and the minimal use of materials are ideal for mobile tables and robust workstations. Solutions in custom dimensions of up to 1800 mm x 1800 mm with a load-carrying capacity of up to 120 kg can be created on this basis. Two variants are available. Table Column Set 8 80×40 K is ideal as a basis for standalone, lightweight work benches. All four of its table columns have external Line 8 grooves. Profiles 8 80×40 are used as supporting struts. When it comes to work benches that are both lightweight and strong, Table Column Set D40/D30 K, which is compatible with Profile Tube System D30, is the number one choice. In this case, Profiles D40 help to simultaneously support the table-top and encapsulate Tube D16 6 A/F. This Tube serves as a power transmission element within the frame of both variants of Table Column Sets K.

Table Column Set D40/D30 K (left) is perfect for solutions that are precisely tailored to a specific process – quite in line with the principles of lean production. The purely mechanical height adjustment works with a crank (right).

New practical functions in the item Engineeringtool

Continuous development is a top priority for the item online tools, too. New software functions are therefore a firmly established element of item new product releases. This spring, improvements have been made to the item Engineeringtool. This free software makes numerous worksteps faster and easier – from design to assembly. The placement preview is one of the new features. This provides a particularly clear visualisation of the options for aligning products and assemblies. As a result, placing individual parts and assemblies in the correct position is even easier, and switching between variants (of Adjustable Feet and Caps, for example) is also much simpler. The function can be conveniently switched on and off under 3D settings.

Anyone who already knows part of the article name or the article number can use this to find the relevant product directly and add it to the construction.

Smart filters and sortable lists have always made it easier to look for suitable components in the integrated product catalogue. What’s new is an additional search function. Anyone who already knows part of the article name or the article number can use this to find the relevant product directly and add it to the construction. Since precise placement doesn’t make sense for every product, accessories can now simply be added to the parts list of the respective project. For example, individual hooks or Track Oil can be ordered at the same time as other components for the project. They will then be included separately with the delivery. One of the key strengths of the item Engineeringtool is that it automatically adds the preferred fasteners, including connection processing. However, what happens when you are in the middle of the design process and discover that a different fastener would actually be better? No problem – a new function makes it possible to switch the fastening elements automatically with three clicks.

Simply enter the article number or part of the article name and the item Engineeringtool product catalogue will find the component you are looking for.

Discover further new products for spring in our catalogue

The item new products in spring 2022 provide flexible, customisable solutions for meeting challenges in a whole host of areas. The current “New Products 2022/I” catalogue, containing details of all the new products, is available as an e-paper from the item Download Centre.

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